Sunday, 12 July 2009

6mm DBA interlude...

Hi again,
Despite my best efforts I was ambushed, distracted and ultimately sidetracked by the F1 Grand Prix and "Le Tour". An afternoon hogging the TV for minority interest sports come at a price, and I had to do a number of chores afterwards before I could get the paints out.
So, the Dwarf miners remain, for the moment, unfinished..

Anyway, over on the Fanaticus site I mentioned that I would post some photographs here of my 6mm Early Imperial Roman DBA Army, so here we go..

First off a couple of images of the army arrayed. There are a few options within the Early Imperial Roman force but I decided to keep it simple to start with as I planned on using it to introduce my son to DBA. With this in mind I went with 3x Cv, 4x Ax, 4x Bd and 1x Art. The figures are all from Baccus who, in my view, produce the best 6mm figures around..

Next we have the 4x Auxilia elements (Ax in DBA). These guys are great for clearing bad going and half decent in the open too. The DBA rulebook suggests doubling the number of 6 mm figures per base but I found this unsatisfactory for foot and opted instead to use how ever many figures looked right. In the case of Ax I used 3 strips of 4 figures, giving 12 per base and allowing me to easily identify them from the rear - sometimes an issue with 6mm figures (especially given my eyesight)

Now the backbone of most Roman armies, the Legionaries. These have 4x strips of 4 figures per base, giving the impression of a large body of close formed troops. I didn't bother with lightning bolts etc on the shield, feeling that they weren't worth the effort at this scale, particularly when viewed from 2 -3 feet..

The cavalry, including the General element. I decided to stick with the suggested number of figures per base for the mounted troops. 6 figures look good and fit nicely on the base.

Last up, the compulsory Artillery piece. Nice little models that were easy to assemble and quick to paint.

These were all based using my standard technique, although I didn't use the longer static grass.

take care

Bob Mcleish

New Terrain


I seem to be working on lots of bits & pieces at the moment; the Limited Edition Games Workshop Games Day 2006 Dwarf Slayer model, my Dwarf miner Lurker element as well as some historical 15mm miniatures. On top of this I'm also working on a number of new terrain pieces; marshes, rivers, rough going and some willow hurdle fencing - some to sell via eBay, but most of it for my own games.

As with most of my projects I like to work through one piece, be it terrain or a miniature, to completion; once I'm happy with the technique and outcome I'll then start work on multiple pieces.

Anyway I thought you might be interested in seeing some of my completed terrain:
First up is a piece of Rough Going; reed choked and boulder strewn - the perfect place for light troops to hide. This piece is sized for 15mm DBA, but I'm working on a number of larger pieces suitable for DBMM, Field of Glory and/or 25mm miniatures. My marsh sections are essentially the same, but with areas of water.

Next, some river sections. Designed to compliment the other pieces as well as matching my figure basing.
I currently have a number of these listed on eBay and am working on a bridge and a ford.

Anyway, that's all for now..

My Dwarf Miners should be finished soon (if I can avoid watching the F1 Grand Prix & Le Tour de France!)