Friday, 22 January 2010

Hindu Command Elephant

As well as working on my 15mm AB napoleonics for DBN, I've been working away at re-basing, and adding to, my Hindu Indians for DBA/DBMM and possibly (although i'll have to check the lists) Tony Aguilar's brilliant DBA-RRR. It's also likely that elements of this army will see some HoTT action (the club I've started playing with tend to do 15mm HoTT).
Anyway, I recently finished an additional command elephant and thought I'd share a couple of photographs. The miniature is from Essex. The elephant's pose is a bit static, but I quite like that - it conveys a sense of a slow, purposeful advance. There are 3 head variants available within this code so there's a bit of variety there, but I would prefer it if Essex added even 1 other pose for the mahout and the command figure in the Howdah.
I painted the elephant with GW's Charadon Granite, a nice brownish grey colour. I didn't bother highlighting this, and just gave it a wash with my Klear floor polish & Peat Brown ink mix. For the Howdah and saddle cloth I've kept with the red, white & green colour scheme I've used with the rest of the army. GW's Dark Angels Green with Snot Green highlights, and Vallejo's Black Red & Carmine Red. To break up the expanse of grey I've been going backs and adding flesh coloured mottles and markings to all of my Elephants trunks and ears. For this I used the Foundry 3 colour flesh (5A,B & C).
The design on the Howdah canopy was drawn on freehand with a soft pencil before being painted. I've just started experimenting with freehand stuff and, although I'm happy with the results, I expect to see improvement over time..
The terrain in the background are some marsh & jungle sections I'm working on specifically for this army.
Anyway, that's it for now. Enjoy!

Bob Mcleish

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