Monday, 11 January 2010

Jungle Shrine


I thought you might like to see the overgrown "Jungle Shrine" terrain piece I've recently finished. The Psiloi element on the steps uses 15mm Indian Javelinmen from Essex Miniatures.

I got the statue figurine for £3.00 from the homeware section of a discount department store a while back, but it had just sat on my gaming shelf gathering dust waiting to be used.
I was getting close to finishing off my Hindu Indian BBDBA/DBMM army and the desire to make some army specific terrain and baggage was just the inspiration I needed..
The jungle plants are sections of artificial aquarium plants from a local Tropical Fish store, and the base is 2.5mm MDF, with the edges & paving stones shaped with a craft knife. Once I'd glued the statue to the base I undercoated the whole thing black (the statue was originally a garish gold colour), and simply drybrushed it with gradually lighter greys. I then washed some areas of the statue and steps with GW's Thraka Green wash to give an impression of lichen and mould on the stone. As I wanted to convey a sense that this shrine had been neglected, or forgotten, and was gradually succumbing to the ravages of the jungle I glued sand onto the steps, and added plants and static grass in areas where I thought windborne seeds would gain a foothold.

At 160mm x 120mm it is makes a good sized Built Up Area (BUA) for DBA & DBM.
bye for now..
Bob Mcleish

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