Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hi again,
Just a quick update and a couple of pix.

First up, Burlok Damminson, Master Engineer. This figure is based alone on a 60mmx40mm base and will be fielded as a Hero and the Army general. He was very simple to paint as the model is dominated by his metal arm, beard and massive hammer; all of which respond well to the black undercoat/white drybrush/block painted base colour/inkwash technique. I think this figure took about 30 minutes. I'm trying out a couple of banner design ideas for his back banner and will post pix of those as soon as they're finished.

Next, we have the Slayers. these are based on a 60mm x 40mm base and, as expalined in my previous post, will be fielded as a Paladin element. These figures also responded well to the painting technique mentioned above, espcially the beards, and all 3 were completed in about an hour. I used GW's Foundation colour, Macharius Solar Orange, on the beards of 2 of the figures but wasn't 100% happy with it (it just wasn't bright enough). I rooted around in my paint box and found a bottle of Vallejo's Orange Red (910), and used this on the Slayer with 2 swords. I was much happier with this colour and will use this for any future Slayers. The Flesh was all done with GW's Dwarf Flesh, with a spot of white added to highlight the nose, cheeks, and musculature - this wasn't too precise, but my inkwash hides a multitude of sins...!
Lastly, the 2nd element of Thunderers which will take to the table as Shooters. Being all big beards and exaggerated features (big hands and noses) these Dwarfs respond well to very quick and simple paint jobs. the beards on these guys were painted using Vallejo's Middlestone (70882)
That's all for now; I'm finishing off the bases of my Ironbreakers, and hope to post some photographs tomorrow. I'm also doing a quick "how to", covering the painting technique I used for these dwarfs, and hope to finish writing that up later today..
Take care,
Bob Mcleish

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