Thursday, 18 June 2009

The main purpose of this Blog is to follow the development of my armies for WRG's Hordes of The Things (HoTT) fast play fantasy wargames rules, although I may well mention some of the other wargaming projects I'm working on along the way.
I've been playing WRG's Fast Play Ancients rules, DBA, on and off for the better part of 20 years, along with some of the Big Battle sets that have developed from DBA; DBM and, more recently, DBMM. I was aware of the existence of HoTT, and even bought the 1st edition rules at one point. Unfortunately, my gaming group at that point were more interested in Warhammer Fantasy Battles so I couldn't find anyone willing to play it. As a result the rules sat on a shelf, ignored, until I was having a clear out and stuck it on eBay. My interest in Fantasy gaming waned and a lot of my figures were either sold or stuck in boxes, put in the loft, and forgotten about.
I was in the loft recently and discovered a box containing various Games Workshop Dwarfs; a mix of infantry units, special characters and war machines - some painted, some not. I took them downstairs and, realising I had the core of a small army, decided to get gaming with them. I wasn't really interested in playing Warhammer - the prospect of shelling out for the latest rules, army lists, some additional Dwarfs and an army to oppose them (as most of my games will be against my son) filled me with dread. It was whilst browsing on the Fanaticus Forum - an excellent site run by, and for, DBA gamers that I started thinking about HoTT.
I read the available HoTT content there and thought"yeah, this sounds good" and immediately ordered a copy of the 2nd Edition rules. A quick read through them convinced me this was the way to go so I quickly put together a list using some of the Dwarf figures I had available and ordered some appropriately sized, pre-cut MDF bases from East Riding Miniatures
As soon as they arrived I made a start, basing some of the figures that were already painted..
Gotrek & Felix were based first, and were soon followed by some Dwarf Handgunners..

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  1. Wow! looking good so far! I'll be checking in regularly to follow your progress!