Saturday, 20 June 2009

HoTT Dwarfs - Progress Report

One of the things I love about HoTT (and DBA for that matter) is the small number of figures & elements that are needed to field an army. Take my Dwarfs for example; my force consists of 32 pieces - 30 infantry, an artillery piece & a Gyrocopter, and this even includes a couple of extra elements that can be swapped around for a bit of variety! Enough elements to give me some tactical options, whilst remaining manageable enough to be painted up before my interest switches to one of my other wargaming projects...
I've listed my army below, along with some comments, where appropriate, on how I've classed the elements for HoTT. This list has undergone some changes since I first started thinking about this project, and will probably see some more changes once I start playing with it.

Burlok Damminson Master Engineer (Hero) 4AP - a suitably heroic looking figure to use as the army general.
Gotrek & Felix (Paladin) 4AP - Arguably the most famous Slayer of all time, and his human companion. After much consideration, and some discussion over on the Fanaticus Forum I decided that fucntionally, Paladin was the best fit with how I envisaged Slayers; their high Combat Factor giving them a decent enough chance to defeat whichever behemoth they sought out on the battlefield, whilst the Quick Kill reflected their "kill or die trying" approach! On top of that, the Magic damping effect of Paladins seemed a good fit with Dwarfs natural resistance to magic and could also encompass any magic items they might be carrying.
Organ Gun (Artillery) 3AP - I couldn't imagine a Dwarf army without artillery of some sort, particularly with an Engineer leading the force! This might be the most difficult element to use effectively, but I'll see how it goes. I also have an old Flame Cannon model, as yet unpainted, which I'll use for a bit of variety.
Dwarf Miners (Lurkers) 1AP - I was torn between fielding these as Lurkers or Sneakers, and I imagine they'd work well equally, flavour-wise, as either. I imagine them tunnelling up beneath an enemy element, or launching an ambush from some long forgotten mine entrance.
Ironbreakers x 4 (Blades) 4@ 2AP - What can I sy - a decent core to any Dwarf army...
Thunderers x2 (Shooters) 2@ 2AP - Another core troop type which fits particularly well with the Engineering Guild Expeditionary force I envisage..

That's the core force which, on paper at least, looks like it has a decent enough mix of troops to hold its own .
The extra elements I have available at the moment are

Slayers (Paladin) 4AP - see comments re Gotrek above. I can see the Organ Gun & Miners making way to accomodate this element, particularly against an opponent wielding a lot of Magic...
Gyrocopter (Flyer) 2AP - To keep with the Enginnering theme I'd probably swap this in for an element of Ironbreakers or Thunderers when dropping the Organ gun - more for thematic & aesthetic reasons, rather than any tactical nous on my part.

I welcome any & all comments on the element choices I've made above.

The bulk of the list has now been painted, with work well underway on the bases. Photographs to follow tomorrow.

take care
Bob Mcleish

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