Thursday, 25 June 2009

HoTT Dwarfs - Plastic Miners

I just received 8x plastic Dwarf Miners through the post; 5x rank and file Miners, a champion, Standard bearer and musician from the Games Workshop Battle for Skull Pass game. If these are the latest GW interpretation of this particular troop type then I have to say I'm quite disappointed! Gone are the exaggerated features; the big, stubby fingered hands, and large bulbous noses that characterised the GW Dwarf ranges for so long. These miniatures may well be more "realistically" proportioned but I feel that they are missing the humorous touch that made GW's earlier ranges much more endearing. Put bluntly, these are bland and lacking in any real character and, perhaps most tellingly, I didn't open the pack and think "Wow, I can hardly wait to paint these!"
Anyway, I managed to assuage my disappointment by finding a regiment of the older style GW Miners on eBay - I paid a bit more than I'd have liked, and bought more miniatures than I actually need, but these are a better fit with the miniatures I have and I know I'll be much happier painting these guys.
Once the Dwarf Miners (the final element for my HoTT Dwarfs) are painted, they'll be based up as a Lurker element (and I'm going to try something a bit different with this base...)

take care
Bob Mcleish

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